Welcome to Goddess Realm Games.

My name is Hannah and I’m passionate about
bringing under-represented gamers into the world of
TTRPGs and other games.






Years of gaming

I specialize in bringing women and other under-represented gamers together through various TTRPG antics. However, I also offer date night one-shots and introductions and support for Magic: the Gathering and other games.

Getting Started with D&D 5e

A 4 week series of classes geared toward women and non-binary individuals that introduce complete beginners to the world of D&D 5e. These workshops are offered Monday nights (Eastern) throughout November of 2023, as well as January and March of 2024.

D&D 5e Campaigns & One-Shots

A variety of D&D campaigns and one-shots played over Discord for women and non-binary individuals. Only one campaign will be run at a time; however, one-shots will be scheduled at different times. Thus, when the campaign is full, signups will be closed. This also applies to one-shots.

Date Night One-Shots

Are you or your partner(s) looking for something unique to bring you closer together? A date night one-shot is for you! This can be run at a convenient time for everyone; LDRs, poly, and traditional relationship types are all supported.

Magic: the Gathering Support

Have you wanted to break into the world of Magic: the Gathering? Or do you have a basic deck that needs improvement/testing? I offer workshops for women and non-binary individuals to do just that.

Current Campaigns and One-Shots

Campaign coming soon!

Level 1

This is a D&D 5e campaign for beginners looking to start from scratch. It is a continuous adventure.

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One-Shot #1 coming soon!

Level 1

A D&D 5e one-shot that begins at Level 1 and takes players through a one-time adventure.

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